The // winds of change //




okay. i know. i never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do outfit posts. And this isn’t an outfit post. as you can see there’s nothing extraordinary about my outfit. it’s actually rather casual.


I’m wearing a hoodie. which means, ladies and gentlemen, that sweater weather IS UPON US! it’s absolutely my favorite time of the year.

unfortunately, since it’s only August, i doubt that the weather will stay cool, and  the ‘winds of change’ (please, enjoy that Disney reference) will again bring us warm humid weather. But for now, I’ll enjoy this little taste of what’s to come.

on another note –

my senior year officially starts in about a week. I’m excited because I’m  doing duel enrollment at a community college, so I’ll be going to a new school. I can’t wait to meet new people and start classes.

oh yeah- i’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. It’s by Gungor..they’re lovely.




I Went To Mexico.

I’m not really sure what to say about this trip. It was amazing in so many ways. So I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, and just say that I’m so grateful to God for allowing me to travel to Rancho 3M in Guadalupe, Mexico to meet the wonderful niños that live there, and for teaching me so much about Himself while i was there.



El Tigre – the tail-less cat.


Goin into town ^_^


Making bracelets for the Ninos


houses along the way





















La Cruz

DSC09476-001 DSC09498-001   DSC09524DSC09501-001DSC09511DSC09529

it really was a spectacular time, full of tears, laughter, and the building of friendships. I’m already looking forward to next year(:

grand adventure //

DSC08991-001 DSC08999 DSC09004-001 DSC09011-001 DSC09024-001 DSC09078-001 DSC08887-002 DSC08938-001 DSC08939-001

I love nature. I love being outside. I love summer.

This was, indeed, a grand adventure.


that about sums it up.

happy Saturday.

July // fourth

DSC08731-001   DSC08537-001 DSC08570 DSC08575-001 DSC08578-001 DSC08579-001 DSC08590-001 DSC08604-001 DSC08605-001 DSC08640-001 DSC08655-001 DSC08658-001 DSC08659-001 DSC08669-002 DSC08676-001 DSC08691-001 DSC08694-001 DSC08711-001DSC08737DSC08734-001

// Excuse the plethora of photographs, but it really was such a lovely day. #sorrynotsorry. I worked in the morning (it was reeeaaally busy, but we all worked together as a team, and everything was alright in the end ^^) then we had a picnic-y thing at our house. in the evening, we went to Portsmouth by the harbor to see fireworks. Honestly, though, my favorite part of the day was just walking around Portsmouth clicking away with my camera and absorbing in all the marvelous light.

Remind me again why i don’t live there? and then slap me because i left my Polaroid at home…brilliant.

anyway. When it was dark and the fireworks began, we were sitting on the concrete barrier, dangling our feet over the river. It was splendid. It was a great ending to a great day.

How did you celebrate Independence Day?

First impressions.

DSC08333-001It’s a rainy afternoon. Actually, not technically rainy- just a general cloudiness shrouding the sky accompanied by the occasional raindrop or two. I’m sitting by myself at a table with a cup of iced green tea that the boy in the Starbucks hat and apron made for me, handing it to me along with a straw while  saying something about having a nice day; i can’t really remember.

However, even though I’m by myself, I’m not alone. There are about thirty other people in the room with me. Funny how you can be alone in a crowd. However, I would rather be in a crowd of strangers any day, than in a crowd of acquaintances. Amongst strangers, you have the freedom to really be who you are now, unhindered by the shackles of first impressions made long ago. It’s refreshing.DSC08324-002


That’s a bit similar to the approach I’ve taken to writing recently. Trying to get past that bad first impression. It wasn’t truly a first impression…more of a second or third. But it was enough. You sit down to write one day, expecting the comfort of the familiar sound of pen scratching on paper, but instead receive the cold shock of silence. You recoil, not sure what to say. And that identifies the experience of your writing. It’s hard to go back. Really. But I’ve realized that it’s been too long.

Honestly, I let too  many things  influence me; polluting the raw truth in my writing. In the end, i try to soften things up; try to make it more palatable by diluting it. Washing away what really matters. leaving behind but a skeleton of what it was.


DSC08314-001Honestly, what I think I’ve realized is that i wish i could show people who i am. Those acquaintances that i shy away from, too scared to let down barriers that I put up long before. I think I’ve let those barriers, along with influences from other things creep into my writing; one of the only ways i express myself. And I’ve blocked myself out. Too scared of what people will think of me once they see those words, once they’re out of my grasp. Unreachable and unable to be erased.

So i came here. To the unfamiliar, full of people unknown to me, with their own futures, hopes, dreams and failures. Trying to discover my writing again.

And again, with a refreshed mind, I am going take a deep breath, plunge back in {perhaps a bit blindly at first} and attempt to conquer my fears. Both in writing, and with people. Wish me luck.




| Into the Wild |


 DSC08114 DSC08143-001 DSC08147-001 DSC08153-002

what can i say? Sunday was, in a word: marvelous. I love traveling off the beaten path, and doing things the average Joe might not think of doing. Like waking up early (and i mean EARLY) to go see the sunrise at the beach, and going on adventures in the woods.

And just like that, I have an affinity for photography, but i want to be unique. I don’t want to take average photographs. Then I’m just like everybody else. So i try my best to make sure what I create comes mostly from my own inspiration.
It makes it more worth while that way, don’t you think? It’s like taking a journey into the unknown, exploring the depths of your imagination.

Into the wild.

| lately |


DSC07752-001 DSC07754 DSC07755 DSC07712-001 100_4072-003 DSC07776-002 DSC07759-001 DSC07733-001

Lately, it’s been a mixture of flower picking, walking on train tracks, drinking coffee, lovely picture taking, bike rides, learning “A Question” by Bombadil on the Ukulele,  and saying goodbye to my best friend.

other than the goodbyes, i do believe it was a good, but lazy, start to summer vacation. I haven’t really done much of anything past Memorial day,

but i hope things will start to pick up again after this weekend ^_^

also, I’m going to try to do a photo a day for the month of June. here’s the one i will be using {it’s by Fat Mum Slim, but i put it over a different photo}


What have you been up to lately? I’d love to hear about it! ^_^