I took a deep breath as i typed in my username and password to sign into Blackboard. The large blue letters stared blankly back at me. Let’s just say going back to school after spring break is no fun at all. Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of spring break truly is. It seems to just make everyone miserable afterwords. It’s like a tease. Not like summer. I’m usually OK with going back to school after a long summer break. But honestly, having a week to do whatever i want- to have a small taste of summer- and then go right back to school is cruel. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s real all the same.

And yet- it was a good spring break. In case you’re wondering what I did all week, I can honestly say one thing i did NOT do was blogging. Although I blush to admit it, I seemed to have quite forgotten my little piece of writing. But here I am, picking it up and dusting it off with an insufficient post about not writing….

ANYWAY. Here I am, all the same. After the longest and yet shortest week of the year. I intend to do some housework around this blog…seems to me it needs a little work.

So here is what happened during spring break, and hopefully this will be my last “catching up” post for a long time to come *apologies in advance for poor quality*

1964888_658451707525327_27385112_n      1549202_658451734191991_1497158920_n1966769_658451767525321_1212240027_n1896848_658451784191986_524248709_n10009284_658451514192013_200119773_n 1622751_658451484192016_1761196590_n10015157_658451467525351_387742337_n1176226_658451457525352_494229044_nDSC_0163 DSC_0129-001

Oh- one more thing. I made the purchase of two hermit crabs on Saturday….and they have yet to be named! I’m open to suggestions ^_^

oh! and happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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