snow days




There’s just something about snow days…the feeling of waking up and realizing you don’t have to go to school, and then bundling up to go outside and brave the frigid temperatures; breathing deep the brisk clear air. The only sound is that of footsteps crunching through the fresh snow. I think that’s my favorite part about snowy mornings. I love how everything is still and silent, in those few moments before snowball fights  ensue and the wonderland is trampled. There’s something about being the first person out and about. The first person to leave their footprints in the new terrain that will soon melt and be forgotten.

In a way, it’s like you get to explore your world again, from a fresh perspective. The sharp wind pierces your senses- causing your eyes and nose sting and forces you to take a deep breath before you plunge into the unknown- causing you to look closer at things you previously would just pass by without a second glance.


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