its been a while

Thought i was gone forever? C’mon, you’re not gonna get rid of me that easily.

Life just became really busy, really fast.

But hey, I’m back. And I’m kind of proud of myself for posting before 2014 (;

so here’s what has been going on since September:

My sister got engaged to her Prince Charming


I took two of my stunning friends’ senior portraits


and my handsome brother’s


Bonfires were lit



And I dressed up as Jane (from the Disney movie Tarzan) for a Disney themed Christmas party my senior class and I put on for our youth group (complete with a Be Our Guest dance)


And I became way too dependent upon my iPod for picture-taking. (But trust me, that’s going to change. )

I’m honestly really glad that i took that break. I feel like I have more inspiration than i had before.

So here’s to another New Year.



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