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Oh autumn, where are you? I’m pretty sure everyone wants fall to be here at this point. I feel as if  this time- the empty space between fall and summer- is when everyone takes a deep breath, and now they’re just waiting to lose grip of summer and plunge headlong into winter.

I know i want it to be fall so i can wear plaid shirts and worn denim jeans while telling stories around a bonfire, surrounded by the very best of friends. I want it to be cold, so i can wear cozy sweaters while drinking a hot caramel macchiato and listening to melancholy artists sing their lachrymose melodies .

But although fall is {and no doubt always will be} my favorite season, I know that after that, winter will come, and the Holidays will pass, and once january comes around, the longing for the warm sunshine of summer will return. And I’ll probably be writing a post about it, much like this one.


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