July // fourth

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// Excuse the plethora of photographs, but it really was such a lovely day. #sorrynotsorry. I worked in the morning (it was reeeaaally busy, but we all worked together as a team, and everything was alright in the end ^^) then we had a picnic-y thing at our house. in the evening, we went to Portsmouth by the harbor to see fireworks. Honestly, though, my favorite part of the day was just walking around Portsmouth clicking away with my camera and absorbing in all the marvelous light.

Remind me again why i don’t live there? and then slap me because i left my Polaroid at home…brilliant.

anyway. When it was dark and the fireworks began, we were sitting on the concrete barrier, dangling our feet over the river. It was splendid. It was a great ending to a great day.

How did you celebrate Independence Day?


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