{it’s monday}

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Lets just say…today started off as a typical “Monday.” You know…those days where you ask people how they’re doing and they say “meh..it’s Monday…” Those days where you spill coffee beans all over the counter at work. Those days where you continually throw away the white Styrofoam cups because you put in sugar instead of Splenda. Those days where you just want to crawl into a cool dark cave, close the entrance behind you, and hibernate until Tuesday.

I’m sure you allll know what i’m talking about.

However, there are remedies to such days. Like trips to Starbucks with your sister; {whoooo, i might add, just graduated with her Masters in Elementary Education *cough* *cough*} where you buy a Caramel Macchiato, and to Barnes and Noble where you splurge and buy two books instead of one. {i’m serious. I could go to Barnes and Noble and build a house…right in the middle of the store…and live there. } Photography can be another cure, if you’re into that sort of thing, especially when you take your puppy with you to keep you company ^_^

So i hope everyone’s Monday began better than mine…but if not, I hope you found some way to make it better ^_^

oh…by the way…i’m really excited about The Mystery of Edwin Drood by  the brilliant Charles Dickens.. it’s a murder mystery that he never finished because he died before he could pen the final words. Sounds a bit eery…


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