{of flowers and weeds}




DSC07103 DSC07111-003 DSC07127-001DSC07125  DSC07134-001

i’m about 100% sure about this…but i do believe that weed-flowers are my favorite. at first, they’re just weeds that need to be cut down, mowed over, and overall despised. But i think, if you look closely, you can really see how beautiful and wild they are. That’s why i like them. I would prefer a field of buttercups dandelions over a neat garden of roses any day.

But i suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

On another topic…it’s finally warm outside which means…i can go barefoot ^^ can’t stand wearing sandals…i just can’t.

anyway. it’s the weekend!

For all you Downton fans out there….sometimes i feel like this ^^

au revoir!


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