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i think rainy days were meant for music, hot tea {or coffee}, and procrastination. I wish i could be lazy all day, watching Disney movies {see above}, playing Here Comes the Sun, and completely ignoring the chemistry book and list of French conjugations. but <C’est la Vie> as they say. I’m looking forward to the rest of this week in some ways. Not so much in other ways, but Hakuna Matata {please, enjoy that Disney reference}

I feel like this year, I’m learning more how not to dwell on things too much. How to pick up again and carry on. I don’t like it when things get to be built up into greater problems than they really are. {ya know…”make a mountain out of a mole hill”} Dwelling on the bad stuff never made anything better. {at least…not that i know of…} So…i like to “keep calm and carry on.” Farewell, for now, mis amigos.

~Yours, etc.


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