{black and white}

Today I played around with the idea of black and white.

I love the stark “this is the way it is” look.


DSC06616-001 l DSC06581-001  DSC06592-001 DSC06603

Sometimes, i wish my life were black and white, in a way. I feel like i cover up things to often, “coloring” them over to draw less attention to myself. I always feel like i have to be happy when i’m around friends. In a way, i can’t really help it, i sometimes just forget everything that’s going wrong, and only think about the good stuff. That can be a good thing, i guess. But sometimes i wish i could just let people see what i really think and feel. and i guess, recently, God has blessed me with a few choice friends that i really feel that i can be myself around.  Not just the quiet kid in the back. Black and white.


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