{the worst week ever.}

well…sort of.  it’s also known as Spring Break. In some ways, it is the best week of the entire first 6 months of the year. in other ways, it’s just as bad as the first week of January, because on Monday, you are nowhere near ready to start school again. So, without further explanation, I’m just going to show you some pictures from this week, and see what you think (: (and just for the fun of it…i’ll throw some instagrams in there ^_^)


DSC06397-001 DSC06475-001

me and brotherDSC06555 DSC06516-001 me and rebekahme and sophioeDSC06520-002  DSC06545-001


all in all…i think it was one of the best spring breaks i’ve yet to experience, salt and peppered with disappointment and excitement; reflective moments, and moments when my mind seems to be going a million miles an hour. But thankfully, God has blessed me with wonderful friends, and a sun that shines ^_^


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