{looking forward, looking back}

Skinned knees. throat hoarse from hollering across the yard. Legs scratched raw from swimming in the river. hands scuffed from climbing trees. Nose frozen while building forts out of leaves and snow.

that about sums up my childhood. And yet, through it all, there was immense fun times while taking tumbles on my two-wheeler, catching fireflies, squealing as my feet sank into the muddy river bottom, sitting for hours in my backyard tree and making memories with my friends.

Thing is, i don’t do any of that stuff any more. the past few years, my life has been absorbed with photography, music, art, etc. Not that i regret those things. But this summer, i want to incorporate my adventuresome side with my love of photography. Like pack a picnic and go exploring in the woods and canoeing; go one bike rides in the summer twilight in the world of fireflies. And yet, photograph my experiences.

I just don’t want to grow up, and let all the wonderful, yet simple, things slide through my fingers, just because i want to take pictures. Even if savoring life  means not going bowling with my friends, and just lying on my back deck, marveling at the stars and spending time with my God.

Another thing, lately I’ve wanted Summer to come more badly than i ever have before. But at the same time i don’t want to rush things. I want to be able to enjoy life while it’s here. I just need motivation haha.

and with that, i leave you with one of my favorite photos from last summer. It was one of those days where two of my best friends and I just sat on the dock, ate Sour Patch Kids, and drank Arizona Sweet Tea.


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