Peculiar Places – Colonial Williamsburg

horse hooves knock on the gravel path, scattering small, insignificant pebbles, while carrying both jolly passengers and rein-holding tour guide. The crisp, December air nips at our rosy faces. I quickly press the hand-made paperclip shutter on my camera, as my friend stands in front of a picturesque, damp and mossy brick wall. Merry Children hold their parent’s hands as they soak in the atmosphere, dripping like bacon grease with history.  The candy store was filled to bursting as we purchased a pound and a half of candy (judge away) from an attractive cashier in an apron and baseball-style cap. We sat outside, feeling as if we were in some sort of charming sidewalk cafe, munching happily on 10-dollars worth of candy. The Governor’s palace looks cheerful in it’s grand state with wreaths in the windows. 

It’s hard to walk through Colonial Williamsburg, VA with out catching the contagious happy feeling that swarms through the air like a cloud of gnats. As you can see, i went there with a few friends. It was so marvelous, and well worth the drive.


The hotel…no we didn’t stay there 😦 haha


the best candy i’ve ever tasted…..


Some day i’ll take a ride in one of these…there 20$/person/ per 15 min!


i really like how this one turned out (:


Yes- i am mimicking a statue
Yes – I know it looks odd
No – i don’t really care if you think i’m weird.
i had fun (:


The Governor’s Palace ❤


I love these old houses

DSC05100 DSC05104-001 DSC05110-001 DSC05112 DSC05122-001 DSC05129-001 DSC05131-001 DSC05135-001 DSC05143-001 DSC05144-001 DSC05162cropped-001 DSC05165-001 DSC05191 DSC05224-001 DSC05240 DSC05242

If you’re looking for something enjoyable to do in VA, i’d definitely recommend Williamsburg (: if there’s anything you want me to write about, please- leave a suggestion (: and if it’s possible i’ll give it a shot (:


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