ambition [am-bish-uh n] . It basically what you really really really want to do. With a brand-spanking-new year just about 2 hours and 45 minutes away, i was thinking i should find some ambitions to pursue over the course of the year. Sort of like in between a bucket list and resolutions. smaller than a bucket list, but not so rigid as a resolution. You know what i’m saying?

1. I’d like to paint my room. I have some cool ideas…i’ll keep you posted ^_^

2. run at least one 5k – i really would like to run the ECSC 8k, but we’ll see how that works out (:

3. Make at least one more really good friend. – like a totally new person that i’ve never met before and we become best friends. It would be nice to meet a new guy friend- because i don’t really have a lot. And any guy friends i do have seem to be mostly interested in hanging out with other people…you know what i’m saying? like i never truly know if they actually like me as a friend…..anyway moving on (:

4. get a haircut. – i know, it doesn’t really seem that big of  a deal, but this is something new i want to try. it shall be interesting ^_^

5. publish a book. – this is probably the most drastic on my list. i have no idea how long it takes to publish a book, and i don’t really know how to publish a book either. but we’ll see. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a children’s book of sorts. If you have any ideas on publishing, please let me know (:

6. GET A JOB – that’s probably #1 on my list actually.  cause once i have a job i can save for a dSLR and stuff.

that’s all i’m going to say for now (: hey, it’s still December (: I’ve never liked planning things too much. i like to go wherever the wind takes me.

anyway. we’re about to watch It’s a Wonderful Life – it’s one of our New Years traditions.

aaaaand daaance by the liiight of daa mooooooooon ^_^

-later folks. Happy New Year, and all that jazz.

~Yours &c.


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