Here i am, sitting at this desk after a long day that seemed to stretch on forever like The Road Not Taken, listening to Brave soundtrack..there’s not much to the lyrics and music, but i just love it’s freedom. It seems to carry you away to places you’ve never been and want to see. I wonder what i would look like as a ginger. I like to think of Gaelic and Scottish accents as my native languages. A wee bit odd, but not altogether useless.


Part of the reason today seemed to stretch on so was because I saved all of my homework for today instead of doing it yesterday because i was too busy building a camera. Yes, I said CAMERA (: I’m so excited. It’s not exactly a camera. it’s a Camera Obscura. It’s basically the basics of a camera. I’ll post pictures once it is finished. But this is the idea of what it looks like

mine looks a lot different. Like a dog looks different from a seal. But once i take it to art class and make it look all classy, it should be alright.


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