I’m sitting here in the middle of the driveway in the evening twilight.
Brushing away pesky mosquitoes
The sky is a deepening, mottled mixture of powder pink and blue
The eerie glow of a lamp illuminates the maple tree in the front yard.
The breeze rattles leaves and whips my hair from my face.
I can hear the distant hum of the AC unit over the sound of my iPod
I glimpse the last of the sunset through the forest across the lane and observe the glow of a TV in my neighbor’s window
a bird flies by and then crashes through a tree, emerging on the opposite side.
A first few fireflies shine their light, and then disappear.
The trees are dancing in the wind.
and here I am, in the midst of it all, writing away in my notebook.
What I would love to do someday is go to a cliff somewhere that overlooks the ocean. A cliff that is low enough that when the waves crash against its side, the spray soars to the peak. But not too low. Here I would build a great swing. Then I would sit and swing, watching the magnificent sea and listening to it as it thunders and roars.
But such is just a fancy. A creation of whim. It will probably never exist.So I’ll just sit here, and continue my writing.
I wrote that a while ago on my blogspot. Since it’s thursday, i decided to give you a taste of my older writing. I’ll probably continue for a while. A couple of weeks perhaps.

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